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Bostitch 2.1 x 40mm Coil Nails Ring Shank Galvanised Pack of 24,500

Product Description

  • You will find them in the pallet and crate, fencing, garden furniture and the construction industries.

    All Coil Nails are Round Head nails.


    Coils of nails with diameters from 2.0 mm to 2.2 mm contain 350 nails.

    Coils of nails with diameters from 2.5 mm to 3.1 mm

  • The zinc does not protect the steel of the nail, but is corroded first
  • Used in applications where no protection is required, for example a one way disposal pallet
  • As all standard nails come with this finish.

    Galvanising, or coating with Zinc, is the best way to prevent nails from corroding

  • The thicker the micron coating the better the protection level of the nails.

    For use with:

    N57C-1CE heavy-duty Coil Nailer

    N58C-1-E Coil Nailer

    N58C-1-E Coil Nailer

    N66C-2-E Coil Nailer

    Finish: Galvanised.
    Size: 2.1 x 40mm.
    Box quantity: 24,500.

  • Contain 225 nails.

    Roofing nail coils contain 120 nails, due to the extra large diameter of the head.

    15° Collation angle

    Ring shank nails have a series of rings punched into the surface of the shank

  • The thickest coating is called hot dipped and is applied by dipping the nails into a bath of molten zinc
  • The thicker the zinc coating, the longer it will be before the nail is attacked
  • Designed for high volume operation, coils contain large quantities of nails meaning that reloading down time can be kept to a minimum

  • A difference in the diameter of the shank is produced making it even more difficult to withdraw the nail.

    Bright finish is without any form of protection and is the most economical choice, but the nails will start to rust before nails that have a protective treatment

  • Galvanised protection is measured in Microns (each Micron is 0.000001 of an metre thick)

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