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    • Developed by athletes for athletes
    • Founded and based in Melbourne, Australia; our philosophy is to create products which will advance human performance
    • 2XU employs fabric and construction technology to take you beyond what you previously thought possible
    • 2XU is fast becoming the most technical performance sports brand on the planet
    • Worn by multiple world champions, endorsed by sports institutions the world over and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines, 2XU understands what is needed to be the best
  • 2Xu Ladies Endurance Tri Shorts WT1592B Blue - Medium

    With 2XU technology a piece of the finely balanced equation is in place to multiply human...
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  • 2Xu T:0 Ladies Tri Wetsuit - Black - Small-Medium

    2XU wet suit range for women represents outstanding technical sports design. Through an exclusive...
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