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    • THE HISTORY OF ALLINSON - The story begins with a Victorian doctor named Thomas Richard Allinson
    • Born in 1858 near Manchester, he qualified in medicine at the age of just 21
    • From the start he took a keen interest in nutrition and, only a few years into his career, adopted Naturopathy
    • This form of medicine avoids drugs and encourages the consumption of natural foods
    • His ideas also became known as ‘hygienic’ or ‘Allinsonian’ medicine
    • Dr Allinson went on to establish a practice in London, through which he promoted healthy eating
    • He placed particular emphasis on vegetarianism and the benefits of wholemeal flour in bread
    • However, in those days such views were extremely radical and were to set him on a collision course with the medical establishment
    • The Royal College of Physicians doubted his theories and resented his publicising them
    • In 1892 matters came to a head and he was struck off the medical register
    • But he wouldn’t let that stop him pursuing his interest
    • After all, he didn’t need to be a doctor to make bread
    • Ever since the industrial revolution nearly all flour was produced using roller mills
    • This refined the flour to such a degree that valuable nutrients and fibre were lost
    • Convinced of the value of whole wheat, Allinson purchased his own stone-grinding flour mill in Bethnal Green, London
    • He then set up The Natural Food Company under the slogan ‘Health without medicine’, and began baking bread his way
    • THE ALLINSON BRAND - The nutritional value of wholemeal bread was finally accepted by the Government during the First World War, when Allinson was in his 50s
    • He was even offered reinstatement to the General Medical Council
    • However he turned it down
    • After all, he’d found a new outlet for his ideas on nutrition
    • With official acceptance that wholemeal was good for the nation’s health, demand for Allinson’s flours increased dramatically, and his company continued to expand after his death in 1918
    • Further Allinson flour mills were soon opened in Newport, Monmouthshire and Castleford, Yorkshire
    • His legacy, the Allinson brand, became a byword for wholesome high-quality flour, which in turn produces wholesome, tasty and nutritious bread
    • This still remains so to this day
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