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    • Allos was established in Italy in 1982, and started its journey in Human Capital Development (HCD) by pioneering custom e-Learning with the first Computer Based Training initiative, led by Rosario Troise
    • The Company grew significantly in the late 90’s when it merged with Dedalomedia Interactive, a creative enterprise that won prestigious awards in Europe for the best multimedia products
    • Allos then began implementing Learning Management Systems and in 2002 started offering the same solutions on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis
    • Allos opened the South African office in 2004 as part of its global expansion, lead by the Vice President of International Sales, Simone Zanetti
    • Within its first year in South Africa, Allos successfully acquired several major contracts and currently provides specialist HCD services to several blue-chip organisations
    • The Allos team consists of highly qualified and creative staff with skills ranging from technical and functional capability to creative and consulting expertise
    • The Allos group continued its global expansion by opening Allos America in 2011, with the Allos America office currently based in Miami, USA
    • Simone Zanetti, CEO and co-founder of Allos South Africa and Allos America, is often a keynote speaker at both local and international conferences
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