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    • Our new organic products provide the most appropriate dose, precise preparation and use instructions with Organic, Gluten Free and Kosher certifications
    • Only the highest quality alfalfa was used in those first tea bags and today Alvita continues with that same standard of excellence
    • In 1922, a group of alfalfa enthusiasts who believed that alfalfa’s rich green foliage and deep root system contained “Vitamines” and minerals essential for good health innovated the way the plant was consumed by providing alfalfa in tea bags
    • The abbreviation of alfalfa and vitamins quickly led to the brand name “Alvita,” and thus the Alvita Tea Company was born
  • Gauze Swabs BP 10cm x 10cm 8-PLY Type 13 Light (x100) - 10x10cm

  • Alvita Cotton Wool Pleats - 200g

    Alvita Cotton Wool Pleats.
  • Alvita All In One Pants Maxi Night - Medium (20 Pants)

    Alvita All In One Pants Maxi Night. Optimal absorption and discretion for the best comfort. They...
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  • Alvita All In One Pants Maxi Night - Large (20 Pants)

    For moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Recommended for people with limited mobility. Easy to...
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  • Alvita Cosmetic Pads Round

    Cotton Pads.. Alvita Cosmetic Pads Round To suit everyday needs.
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  • Alvita Pillbox 7 Day Large Day

    Large 7 Day Pillbox from the Alvita range of healthcare products. The Alvita range offers high...
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