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    • Born in Zimbabwe as the eldest of five children and the first grandchild, Anila started her culinary skills at a very young age, helping her great grandmother, grandmother and mum
    • She watched and helped her grandmother grind spices and make curries, pickles and chutneys and even poppadums
    • Anila arrived in London in 1977 and qualified as a Medical Secretary
    • Armed with a background of Indian culinary skills she was spending her weekends cooking an array of dishes, snacks and sweets
    • Anila had a great interest in food and loved cooking interesting meals from all over the world
    • She started experimenting and adapting an age old recipe to create meals easily after work
    • Anila has always been an advocate of efficiency and time reducing methods which first prompted her to make and store the sauce, to enable her to make a curry in minutes
    • Time was precious as a full time working mother of two and the sauce provided the perfect answer
    • Many hours were spent weighing, cooking, tasting and sampling before she perfected a quality sauce epitomising some of her qualities that encouraged her to start the business
    • It enabled her to prepare a traditional Indian meal within half an hour
    • She is a perfectionist and a good judge; her cooking was always popular among friends and family for whom she frequently cooked elaborate meals
  • Anila's Aubergine Pickle (200g)

    This spicy aubergine pickle is a tasty accompaniment to any meal, snack or sandwiches. Great...
  • Anila's Chilli Chutney (240g)

    A sweet and hot chilli chutney similar to a chilli jam. Ideal with cheese and can be used in stir...
  • Anila's Chilli Pickle (185g)

    This very hot chilli pickle with a hint of sweetness is a delightful accompaniment to any meal or...
  • Anila's Fruity Mild Curry Sauce (300g)

    A mild and slightly fruity sauce similar two a Tikka Masala. Made with mangoes, coconut milk and...
  • Anila's Goan Green Curry Sauce (300g)

    A multi award-winning mildly spiced, fragrant curry sauce. Made to a Goan recipe with spinach,...
  • Anila's Hot Lime Pickle (200g)

    This delicious hot lime pickle made with fresh limes and is a tasty accompaniment to many dishes...
  • Anila's Hot Mango Pickle (200g)

    This delicious hot mango pickle is made with fresh green mangoes and is a tasty accompaniment to...
  • Anila's Hot Methi Curry Sauce (300g)

    This hot sauce is made using fenugreek leaves giving a distinct flavour. Nice and hot with lots of...
  • Anila's Lemon Pickle (220g)

    This sweet and tangy lemon pickle is made from whole lemons and described as lemon curd with a...
  • Anila's Mild Korma Curry Sauce (300g)

    A mild to medium Korma sauce with a Dhansak twist. Made with chickpeas, creamy coconut and a hint...
  • Anila's Spicy Hot Curry Sauce (300g)

    A vindaloo style hot curry sauce with a rich flavour of ground almonds to give a distinct hot...
  • Anila's Spicy Medium Curry Sauce (300g)

    A medium to hot curry sauce made with ground cashews and richly spiced to give a deliciously spicy...
  • Anila's Spicy Mild Curry Sauce (300g)

    A mild to medium curry sauce like a Rogan Josh. A slightly spiced sauce made with tomatoes and...
  • Anila's Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce (240g)

    A sweet and chilli sauce with mango - ideal for dipping into with a variety of finger foods and...
  • Anila's Sweet Lime Pickle (220g)

    A slightly sweet and tangy pickle with a little heat. Especially good with poppadums or to spice...
  • Anila's Sweet Mango Chutney (250g)

    This mouth-watering chutney is very popular with all, Can be used for glazing and in cooking such...
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  • Anila's Tamarind & Date Chutney (240g)

    A sweet and tangy flavour with a hint of spices made this chutney perfect for dipping snacks into...
  • Anila's Tindori Pickle (200g)

    Made to a Goan receipt this deliciously crunchy, spicy and slightly sweet pickle is a perfect...
  • Anila's Carrot & Date Pickle (200g)

    The natural sweetness from the dates and carrots combined with pickling spices makes this a...
  • Anila's Chilli Pasta Sauce (300g)

    Use in any pasta dish by simply adding cooked pasta to the sauce. Also use in Chilli Con Carne,...
  • Anila's Shredded Mango Chutney (250g)

    This special but very popular chutney in India is made with aromatic raw mangoes called Rajapuri...
  • Anila's Spicy Apple Chutney (220g)

    This apple chutney is infused with cinnamon, cloves and cumin with a hint of chilli. It is sweet...