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Ankh Rah

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Ankh Rah

    • We specialise in Moringa Oleifera products derived from the Moringa Tree sometimes know as the ‘Miracle Tree’
    • Prior to launching Ankh Rah we thoroughly researched the benefits of Moringa Oleifera from around the world
    • Our findings were that Moringa oleifera is truly a superfood with multiple health benefits
    • We have tested Moringa from India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Israel, Jamaica, Sudan and Ghana
    • The highest quality Moringa we found is farmed by our supplier who has been farming Moringa for generations
    • Our suppliers expert farming knowledge enables them to produce moringa of the highest quality
    • On its arrival in London UK, we carry out a variety of tests on the Moringa to ensure it is of the highest quality
    • Ankh Rah also have a range of high quality non moringa natural food supplements
  • Ankh Rah Moringa Seeds - 50g

    Ankh Rah high quality Moringa Seeds are high in antioxidants and vitamins A,B,C,D,E and contains...
  • Ankh Rah Moringa Leaf Powder - 70g

    Moringa is one of the Most Dense Nutrient Rich Plants on the PLANET Traditionally the dried leaf...
  • Ankh Rah Moringa - 80 Tablets

    The 80 dried Moringa leaf tablets are 100% Moringa no fillers or binders.
    out of stock until 30 December 2016