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    • Aphrodite was formed in 1994 by two brothers, Andrew and Duncan McKenzie
    • The brothers’ intention was to provide a superb store to support their enthusiasm for contemporary fashion
    • This was only the beginning, and today Aphrodite can boast the store of their dreams, gaining national acclaim and respect from both press and suppliers alike
    • In 2007 Aphrodite looked to take their expertise to a world wide audience, with the launch of their website
    • Though being a web based store, Aphrodite looks to maintain the standards and professional customer care offered to any Aphrodite shop customer
  • Aphrodite Travel Size Shower Gel - 35ml

    Organic olive oil travel size shower gel.. Aphrodite Travel Size Shower Gel.
  • Aphrodite Travel Size Shampoo - 35ml

    Organic olive oil travel shampoo.. Aphrodite Travel Size Shampoo.