Aqua Oleum

    • Aqua Oleum is a company with a heritage spanning over three generations, based on expert family knowledge of essential oils
    • For over 30 years, it has built its market reputation based on outstanding product expertise and high ethical standards together with a real commitment to providing top quality oils at a fair price
    • Aqua Oleum was one of the first aromatherapy companies to be established in the UK and has pioneered many innovations in the field over the years
    • Since the 1980’s, it has maintained its reputation for supplying a large and comprehensive range of high quality essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils and aromatic products both in the UK and internationally
    • Today it also provides an in-depth aromatherapy consultancy service to individuals who need advise and to companies who wish to use aromatics in their own brand range
    • However, since the first germinal seeds of the aromatherapy movement began to shoot in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s in the UK, there has been a large shift in the essential oil industry as commercial interest in this field has escalated
    • On the positive side, the benefits of aromatherapy along with other holistic therapies, have steadily gained increasing respect and credibility from established medical institutions over the last two decades, as well as widespread public acceptance
    • On the negative side, the now mainstream popularity of the benefits of aromatherapy products have attracted the interest of commercial companies who have no in-depth knowledge or long-term dedication to this field
    • The more recent explosion of internet sales has also further led to a diminution in the quality of readily available essential oils, many of which are adulterated