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B&W International

    • Sophisticated case and bag solutions of the finest quality, functionality and aesthetics – that’s what B&W International stands for
    • As a worldwide specialty supplier we develop our innovative products for you on location in Ibbenbüren, Germany
    • Manufacturing is carried out exclusively in accordance with German standards of quality at B&W Jiaxing in China
    • Emerging from bwh Spezialkoffer GmbH, B&W International has been providing buyers from industry, service providers, wholesalers and retailers with unique know-how since 1998 that stands up to our clients’ challenges – and continues to grow with inspiration
  • B&W International 2 Wheel Box Black - 100mm

    The wheels and pulling handle are designed for easy removal, e.g. B&&W International 2 Wheel...
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  • B&W International Bike Bag Black - 100mm

    It has most of the advantages of a box - the bike is held in an alloy anti-shock frame set in a...
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  • B&W International Bike Box Black - 100mm

    May fit smaller framed downhill bikes. B7W International Bike BoxSlightly smaller good quality box...
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  • B&W International Bike Case Black - 100mm

    The aluminium anti-shock frame holds the bike frame very securely; it has adapters to cover almost...
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  • B&W International Folding-Bike Bag Black - 100mm

    DimensionsLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)600600220. B&&W International Folding-Bike BagAll the...
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  • B&W International Folding-Bike Box Black - 100mm

    B&&W International Folding-Bike BoxAll the quality and safety of the big bike box but for your...
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