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Baby Sense

    • Being a parent these days isn’t easy
    • Bringing a tiny baby into this world can be overwhelming
    • But here at Baby Sense®, there’s something important that we’ve learnt about these little bundles of joy: they develop best when they’re calm and rested
    • Sounds simple, right? But calming a baby isn’t always easy
    • There are little niggles that can come from nowhere and disrupt both sleeping and feeding
    • But we’ve got the answer
    • Baby Sense® has a range of books, products, apps, seminars, and information that give parents the tools to understand their baby’s sensory world
    • You’ll find out what leads to better sleep, a calmer baby and easier feeding
    • Happy days and peaceful nights
    • Is there anything better? The Baby Sense® concept is based on understanding your baby’s sensory world, so it can provide you with the knowledge to decipher your baby’s ‘language’
    • Our wide range of international award-winning products, mobile and tablet apps and books are carefully researched to teach you to efficiently and safely interpret what your baby needs
    • Throughout this journey, you’ll learn to read your baby’s signals so you keep your baby calm, content and well-nourished
    • You’ll also learn how to provide the right kind of stimulation to speed up your baby’s development and ensure that he or she always has a positive sensory experience
  • Baby Sense Cuddle Wrap White/Pink

    Suitable from birth. The Cuddlewrap has been designed as the ultimate swaddling blanket for a new...
  • Baby Sense Cuddle Wrap Beige (Stone)

    Suitable from birth. ++Baby Wrap ++Cuddly Wrap ++Baby Blanket. The Cuddlewrap has been designed as...
  • Baby Sense Cuddle Wrap White/Blue

    The Cuddlewrap has been designed as the ultimate swaddling blanket for a new baby. Suitable from...
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