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    • Berocca is a tailored combination of B and C vitamins and essential minerals
    • The magnesium and vitamins B1 and B2 works with your body to help you release your energy and offers a healthy way to stay on top form
    • Place your Berocca tablet into a glass of water, we recommend 250ml, but we know that everyone's tastes are different so add more or less water to find the strength that suits you
    • Wait for the tablet to fully effervesce and then drink your delicious tasting energy release drink
    • Berocca is available in 3 flavours, Orange, Tropical & Mixed Berries
    • We also have Film Coated Tablets for those of you who prefer this format
    • Berocca is best taken in the morning to help you make the most of your day ahead and can be taken every day of the year
  • Berocca Vitamin B Effervesce Mixed Berries - 15 Tablets

    Unlike most other energy drinks that contain caffeine and sugar, Berocca is instead filled with...
  • Berocca Vitamin B Effervescent Tropical - 15 Tablets

    Vitamin B - helps release energy from food Vitamin C - Powerful antioxidant that supports immune...