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Better You

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Better You

    • We are an innovative natural health company specialising in the supplementation of the growing number of key nutrients lost through our dramatically changing diet and lifestyle
    • Our products stand alone in the market place by their unique levels of quality and effectiveness
    • We believe in putting food first, then, using our product range we can plug the 'gaps' that are inevitably left
    • Our products utilise the fastest and most reliable delivery mechanisms available including transdermal magnesium therapy and sublingual vitamin delivery
  • Better You Magnesium Oil Sports Spray - 100ml

    Magnesium Oil provides high levels of magnesium, delivered with optimal absorption directly into...
  • Better You Magnesium Sleeping Spray - 100ml

    A safe and natural way of bringing magnesium levels to a healthy level.. 100ml spray offering 800...
  • BetterYou DLUX 3000 Spray - 15ml (Pack of 3)

    Vitamin D is quickly becoming known as our most important vitamin and is essential for strong...