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    • As a sustainable producer, our goal ever since 1957 has been to give people back a taste of nature with every sip of Biotta juice they take
    • Our main focus in doing so has been on organic products, high quality standards and great taste
    • We reject any organic products which have been mass-produced at the expense of quality
    • We love the healthy, natural vitality that is to be found in each single bottle of Biotta juice
    • That’s why we take a holistic and fair approach, from the growing stage to the bottling stage
    • By cooperating closely with local organic farmers, for example, we support sustainable organic agriculture in our home country
    • And further afield, our partners also support organic farmers in producing organic fruits and vegetables
    • Prestigious national and international certification, including “Bio Suisse” amongst others, reflects the fact that the quality of our products and manufacturing processes is strictly controlled
  • Biotta Organic Carrot Juice - 500ml

    Rich in natural beta-carotene (provitamin A) - essential for vision..
  • Biotta Organic Breuss Juice - 500ml

    Produced according to the original recipe developed in consultation with Rudolf Breuss..
  • Biotta Organic Cranberry Juice - 500ml

    Wild Mountain Cranberries can have positive effects on the bladder..
  • Biotta Organic Vegetable Cocktail Juice - 500ml

    Ideal for wellness days or a non-alcoholic cocktail drink..
  • Biotta Organic Beetroot Juice - 500ml

    Contains valuable natural betacyns (giving beetroot its violet-red colour)..