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    • Blistex have been producing some of the world’s favourite lip care products for over 60 years
    • We were founded in 1947 as a small, family-run company with a big thing about lovely lips
    • In 1967 we created our own specialised research and development facility in Oak Brook, Illinois
    • There we’ve created all kinds of ways to help lips stay beautifully healthy
    • Today, we’re proud to be an innovative leader in quality lip care
    • And the name on a lot of people’s lips
  • Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner - 7g

    An everyday moisturising balm enriched with caring ingredients to leave your lips in tip top...
  • Blistex Intensive Moisturiser SPF 10 - 5g

    A long-lasting daily moisturiser bursting with ingredients to rehydrate your lips intensively....
    1 Review
  • Blistex Med Plus Pot - 7g

    When lips require a cooling balm to relieve dryness and restore moisture balance.. Blistex Med...
    2 Reviews
  • Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Cherry SPF15 - 6ml

    A cherry-berry lip sensation makes your lips taste as good as they look. Deeply moisturising...
  • Blistex Relief Cream (formerly Blisteze) - 5g

    A soothing cream with a conditioning blend of ingredients to bring medicated relief to sore,...
    out of stock until 11 November 2016
    1 Review