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Blue Green Planet

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Blue Green Planet

    • We are Members of the Health Food Manufacturers Association
    • All our tablet products are approved by the Vegetarian Society
    • We are a leading UK health food company, specialising in the production of Green Superfoods
    • The company is value driven and is committed to establishing its products as the "Natural" choice for Preventative Nutrition and a healthier lifestyle by
    • obtaining Green Superfoods from the best natural sources around the world
    • retaining maximum nutritional content through sympathetic processing
    • testing Green Superfoods to the highest standards for safety and effectiveness
    • offering a choice of products to suit a variety of everyday diets
    • helping customers to enjoy the full benefits of Green Superfoods
  • Blue Green Planet Upper Klamath Algae - 90 Tablets

    Upper Klamath Algae is the most nutrient-dense and perfectly-balanced wholefood with an...
  • Blue Green Planet Upper Klamath Algae Powder - 30g

    It is up to 62% protein, super-rich in beta carotene and other antioxidants and is one of the...
  • Blue Green Planet Hawaiian Spirulina - 100 Tablets

    Spirulina helps protect with its antioxidants which guard the bodys cells against the damaging...
  • Blue Green Planet Upper Klamath Algae - 90 Capsules

    Over 3 billion years ago the first life forms appeared on the earth. Blue Green Planet Upper...