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    • Boiron: two-fold pharmaceutical strength
    • First, like any pharmaceutical company, Boiron adheres to industry standards
    • Good manufacturing practices are applied throughout our five production facilities, 59 distribution platforms and subsidiaries in 18 countries
    • Second, though, we raised the bar by mastering the manufacturing of very high dilutions that cannot be left to non-experts
    • For 80 years, we have built an untouchable expertise in this area like no other
    • Understand and develop new medicines
    • 85 research projects underway
    • These programs are designed to engage and bring together university research teams, medical teams and veterinary teams from every continent
    • Homeopathic medicines without borders
    • Boiron is a global Group with 18 subsidiaries and a presence in 59 other countries
    • In 2010, close to 50 percent of our business was conducted outside of France
    • The Boiron spirit - We are keen on developing specific benefits for our employees to enrich their well being
    • It is essential for us to link the economic global performance with the individual benefits
    • 3,700 united partners in one project, sharing management practices and common values
    • Genuineness, happiness, thoroughness, kindness and passion are cornerstones that we build upon daily
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    Apples are the official fruit of temptation, and one of our favourites to use in the kitchen...
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    Store in the freezer, and use whenever you need it. Tired of stoning and stalking to make the...
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    These garden hybrid strawberries are truly amazing, and were purposefully bred in France to rival...
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    But what if serving it au naturel doesn't fit the bill? What if you're making a recipe which...
  • Mirabelle Plum Puree (Frozen), Boiron,1kg

    The queen plum of France, eating Mirabelle's honey-like golden skin and flesh are about as close...
  • Pineapple Puree (Frozen), Boiron, 1kg

    If you are put off making pineapple-based recipes because of the texture, or simply the...
  • Pomegranate Puree (Frozen), Boiron, 1kg

    Enjoy the fresh, tangy notes of Middle Eastern cuisine in your home cooking and baking any time of...