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    • Bowman was founded in 1972 and in 1984 the manufacture of certain products commenced
    • As well as its own manufacture, the company holds exclusive agencies of other manufacturer’s products, which complement Bowman’s range
    • Bowman is recognised as a leading supplier to original equipment manufacturers, stockists and distributors across a wide range of industries and is one of the leading companies in Europe specialising in the design, supply and manufacture of plain bearings, sintered components and electric motor brushes
    • In 2003 ball and needle bearings were introduced to our range
    • Bowman is now expanding into exporting throughout the world
    • In 2009, the assets of Oilite Bearings Ltd and MPC Ltd (formerly known as Eagersinter) were acquired, which greatly expanded our ranges of sintered bearings and our sintered component capabilities
    • Company objectives - To continue to offer our customers the highest standard of service in our Industry
    • It is our intention to remain at the forefront of bearing supply and design and to continue our development into new bearing materials and lubricants
    • We will also continue to tailor our range of products and services in line with our customers' changing aspirations and requirements
  • Bowmans Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for Spas - 70kW - 70Kw

    In Stock
  • Bowmans Titanium Heat Exchanger - 40kW

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  • Bowmans Titanium Heat Exchanger - 100kW

    In Stock
  • Bowmans Titanium Heat Exchanger for Spas - 70kW - 70Kw

    In Stock