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    • Carex Original hand wash launched in 1994, and was the first antibacterial liquid hand wash in the UK
    • Carex then grew so popular that it didn’t take long for Carex Aloe Vera hand wash to come along providing extra moisturising care for all our customers
    • Then in 1998, we were the first to launch hand sanitizer in the UK too
    • Carex has since gone from strength to strength, and we now have a full range of high quality, effective products to suit every occasion and need for the busy lives we all lead
    • Carex is the UK’s number 1 hand wash brand
    • We care for millions of hands every day, and our product range caters for all kinds of situations, needs and skin types
  • Carex Handwash Original - 250ml

    Removes dirt, germs and stubborn odours in a single hand washing..
  • Carex Aloe Vera - 333ml

    Carex antibacterial hand wash is gentle yet effective in preventing the spread of germs that can...
  • Carex Handwash Anti-bacterial Aloe Vera - 250ml

    A refreshing, antibacterial treat for busy hands, Carex Aloe Vera Hand Wash is an effective and...
  • Carex Handwash Strawberry Laces - 250ml

    Carex Handwash Strawberry Laces. Carex Complete, Strawberry Laces antibacterial hand wash has been...