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    • Coconom is a pure coconut products brand inspired by the remarkable natural resource that is the Coconut Palm, and the way in which it promotes health & well-being (Cheers Mother Nature!)
    • We are a small, young team here at Coconom passionate about inspiring healthy living through the use of the amazing coconut products now available to us
    • But like all food products in our world, coconut products are not created equal
    • That’s why at Coconom, our mission is pure and simple: To work hand in hand with nature to ensure to our coconut products are as good for our planet as they are for our customers!
    • It’s why we bring you only the purest quality and naturally produced coconut products which are packed with nothing BUT all of the delicious goodness that nature blessed the coconut with
    • Made possible by the independent coconut farmers who we directly work with around the world, who utilise traditional, natural methods that respect the environment and who make sure that each of our delicious coconut creations are from only the finest organic coconut tree’s, grown in lush, mineral-rich groves (not plantations!)
    • Like we said; good for you, good for the planet!
    • We are proud to say our coconut products are 100% ethically sourced, vegan society registered and organic certified by both the soil association and overseas as well as positively impacting the lives of independent coconut farmers of Indonesia
    • While the Coconut palm gifts us with a wide range of amazing products to support our health & well-being, we wanted to first breathe focus into Coconut Sugar or “gula java” as it’s known in tropical Indonesia
    • Straight from the coconut blossoms to bless us with the ultimate natural alternative to refined and processed sugars!
    • Including infusions of spice powerhouses; Ginger and Turmeric for a truly unique sweetener!
    • Ever since Coconom coconut sugar hit the shelves, it’s been making it self at home in health-conscious and fine food kitchens around the nation and we are incredibly excited to see where Coconom will take us next
  • Coconom Coconut Aminos - 250ml

    Coconom Coconut Aminos is a completely natural and tasty alternative to soy sauce, produced...
    out of stock until 16 November 2016
  • Coconom Organic Coconut Jam - 330g

    Coconom Organic Coconut Jam. Coconom Organic Coconut Jam is an irresistibly delicious spread that...
    out of stock until 16 November 2016
  • Coconom Organic Coconut Nectar - 230ml

    Coconom Organic Coconut Nectar. Fresh from the sweet sap of coconut tree blossoms, Coconom Organic...
    out of stock until 16 November 2016
  • Coconom Organic Original Coconut Sugar - 250g

    Experience a natural, nutritious and delicious alternative to sugar made from the sweet, golden...
    out of stock until 16 November 2016
  • Coconom Organic Toasted Coconut Butter - 280g

    out of stock until 16 November 2016