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Color Mask

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Color Mask

    • Color Mask – Making colouring at home quick, easy and without a mess!
    • Colouring has never been so fuss free!! - The rich and creamy texture of the Color Mask formula makes it easy to apply using only 2-3 fingers and most importantly it doesn`t drip! Due to the quick and easy application it is possible to get all over coverage, even on tricky to reach places at the back of the head
    • Furthermore you don’t need to be afraid anymore of dripping when you are running in the house without a plastic bag
    • The colour cream gives you a rich, natural-looking colours and up to 100% grey coverage from a range of 18 radiant hues
    • Caring colouring process - Color Mask has a three step conditioning process that cares for your hair during each step of the colouring process: Amino-Active-Protein rebuilds and strengthens the hair structure from the inside out while the developer cream with smoothing Combability-Booster allows easy combing after colouring
    • The rich conditioner now consists of nourishing Shea Butter, which cares and nourishes your hair after colouring for soft and irresistible hair to touch
    • Even when you lighten - The range also includes two intensive lightening shades which combine the caring fuss free formulation with lightening technology for up to 6 levels of lift
    • The formula smoothes the hair surface whilst lightening for incredibly soft hair and a cool blonde result
  • Color Mask Colourant 100 Black - 230g

    Color Mask Colourant 100 Black provides an intense and shiny black. This shade will cover...
  • Color Mask Colourant 300 Black Brown - 230g

    Color Mask 300 Black Brown offers a seductive deep black brown tone. This shade will cover...
  • Color Mask Colourant 400 Dark Brown - 230g

    Color Mask 400 Dark Brown provides your hair with a natural dark brown full of glossy shine. This...
  • Color Mask Colourant 550 Golden Brown - 230g

    Color Mask 550 Golden Brown turns your hair a medium brown with seductive warm, golden tones. This...
  • Color Mask Colourant 568 Chestnut Brown - 230g

    Color Mask 568 Chestnut Brown your hair turns a stunning medium brown with warm red chocolate...
  • Color Mask Colourant 586 Warm Mahogany - 230g

    Color Mask 586 Warm Mahogany colours your hair a medium brown with shiny, fashionable red tones....
  • Color Mask Colourant 700 Dark Blonde - 230g

    This shade will cover completely grey hair.. Color Mask 700 Dark Blonde your hair is coloured with...
  • Color Mask Colourant 910 Pearl Blonde - 230g

    Color Mask 910 Pearl Blonde colours your hair with a luminous blonde tone and dazzling pearl...
  • Color Mask Colourant 600 Light Brown - 230g

    Fabulous but natural-looking light brown. This shade will cover completely grey hair. Get a...
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