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Colour B4

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Colour B4

    • ColourB4 is the original and best hair colour removal product in the UK
    • As anyone who’s suffered a home hair dye disaster will know, changing your hair colour isn’t always as straightforward and easy as glossy mags or TV would have you believe
    • And while hair dye has been in use since ancient Egyptian times, until recently, no products were available to effectively remove hair colour
    • Now, ColourB4 makes salon-style hair dye removal available to everyone
    • With a single application of the advanced formula, you can rinse away unwanted dye, and go back to your old colour before dyeing again for a brand new look
    • It’s that easy!
    • Although the formula is safe and gentle - with no nasty chemicals like ammonia or bleach – it easily tackles permanent and semi-permanent hair colour
    • It also effortlessly removes colour build-up and darkened tones
    • After using ColourB4, hair is in perfect condition for re-colouring
    • You can use it to completely remove unwanted dye before any colour treatment or salon visit
    • And because the gentle formula won’t react with chemicals in other hair products, you don’t have to worry about unexpected shades or weird colour combinations
    • Its reputation speaks for itself
    • Since we launched our innovative hair colour remover in 2009, it’s gone on to sell millions across the world
    • And we’re always being contacted by happy customers who want to share their hair dye removal experience
    • Take a look at some of our latest reviews, from people just like you
  • Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Regular

    Helping you achieve hair excellence in the comfort of your own home!. Scott Cornwall, Hair Expert.
  • Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength

    Scott Cornwall, Hair Expert. Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength. Helping you achieve hair...