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    • At the age of four, Shane Cooper arrived in the United States from England
    • His father distributed knitting machines
    • In the late 1960's, there was a lot of knitting happening in the Eastern United States
    • Shane grew up around knitting machines, but he was always more interested in bicycles and music
    • It wasn't until the early 1990's that Shane decided to turn his attention entirely toward knitting
    • He embarked on an entirely new way to knit socks
    • He found it, and he was able to create sock designs the world had never seen
    • DeFeet was born in 1992
    • The first product was a totally customizable, open mesh weave airflow sock
    • The world's top endurance athletes took notice immediately
    • The characteristics of those early designs are evident throughout the DeFeet line, today
    • Elegant, simple, useful and built to last
    • There is less knitting, less manufacturing altogether, in the USA now than when Shane's father emigrated
    • DeFeet will not be joining the outsourcing movement that has become altogether too easy for companies in the United States
    • To us, that move is like paying someone else to play your music for you
    • DeFeet is the band, and we will play our own music, thank you
    • No one else can make our stuff better than we can
    • Harvard MBA's have told us it's not smart to build a business the way we have
    • They tell us we can profit more without getting our hands dirty with manufacturing
    • They say we should source cheap product and mark it up dramatically - That's ok
    • They can join the long list of brands that do it their way
    • To us, that would be a hollow existence
    • Most of all, we are appreciative of our customers
    • Retailers and consumers that care as much as we do
    • We celebrate those that recognize companies like DeFeet
    • Organizations that go the extra thousand miles or so to stay in the USA and build things
    • Companies that attract employees with useful skillsets who want to put them to use and always improve
    • We salute you - You are the ones operating at a higher level
    • You have shown us that our products will find their place in the hands of those who recognize the highest standards and always strive for the best
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