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Den Tek

    • John Jansheski, our fearless post-meal flosser, turned his dentist father’s ingenious invention—the Dental Pik—into DenTek, an oral care products business based out of Petaluma, California
    • Since 1984, DenTek has provided innovative oral care products to consumers who love to smile, but don’t want to show everyone what they had for lunch or how much they grind their teeth
    • DenTek moved to Maryville, Tennessee in 2001 to launch dozens of innovative oral care products
    • As our world continues to grasp for a great smile, we’re thinking up new oral care products daily
    • We added a professional division in 2007 to help oral health care professionals encourage patients to give their smiles a little love
    • Together, we can achieve oral health for life
    • What makes us smile at DenTek? Our oral care product business is moved by growth opportunities, integrity and humility, teamwork, innovation, and a passion for excellence
  • Den Tek Temparin Temporary Filling Material - 2.2g

    Comes with multiple applications.. Replace lost filling and secure loose crowns.
    1 Review
  • Den Tek Dental First Aid Kit

    Your dentel First Aid kit, specially designed to repair lost filling..
  • Den Tek Pik Ultra / Pick Scaler With Mirror

    DenTek Pik Ultra / Pick Scaler is designed to remove plaque and tartar from between teeth where...
    1 Review
  • Den Tek Tongue Cleaner

    DenTek's Tongue Cleaners squeege all of that bad breath riff-raff out of your mouth, leaving you...
    1 Review
  • Den Tek Comfort Clean Floss Picks - Pack of 60

    Tight teeth and senstive gums making it too difficult and painful to floss? Then you need DenTek...
    2 Reviews
  • Den Tek Triple Clean Floss Picks - Pack of 90

    DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks, the Swiss army knife of oral care products, clean an amazing 3...
  • Den Tek Interdental Easy Brush - Pack of 16

    Now there’s an easier way to floss and deep clean around trouble spots with DenTek Easy Brush...
    out of stock until 28 December 2016