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Dentyl Active

    • 2011 - Dentyl Active launches Enamel Restore in June 2011
    • Developed with double the fluoride of most everyday mouthwashes to protect teeth from harmful acid erosion
    • 2010 - In July 2010, the Dentyl pH brand was relaunched as “Dentyl Active”
    • Dentyl Active is more than just a mouthwash
    • Dentyl Active comprises a range of products formulated for people who appreciate the importance of a clean, healthy mouth as part of their overall well-being
    • Each formula is recommended by dentists to lift plaque and remove bacteria, as well as providing lasting breath freshness
    • Dentyl Active products have active ingredients to keep your mouth clean and healthy and your breath fresh – no matter how active your lifestyle
    • 2009 - Dentyl pH introduced specially developed Ultra Cleanse™ that contains Bicarbonate of Soda for a long lasting deep clean sensation
    • 2008 - Dentyl pH launched Minty Citrus, which is the first mouthwash flavour of its kind in the market
    • 2006 - Dentyl pH introduced Icy Fresh Mint and Icy Fresh Cherry flavours
    • Both of these products were formulated with Zabactyl® and Menthol for even longer lasting fresh breath and invigorating flavours
    • Dentyl pH achieved the #2 position in the mouthwash category
    • It is currently the best selling alcohol free mouthwash brand in the UK
    • July: Blistex Inc
    • purchases Dentyl pH to extend their product portfolio
    • 2004 - A Dentyl pH television commercial aired for the first time
    • 1997 - Fresh Breath Limited, founded by Dr Phil Stemmer, launched the Dentyl pH brand in the UK
    • 1995 - Dr Phil Stemmer and Prof Mel Rosenberg established the first Fresh Breath Centre in the UK
    • 1989 - Prof Mel Rosenberg, international authority on oral malodour, patented two phase mouthwash technology at the Tel Aviv University
  • Dentyl Active Complete Care Icy Fresh Cherry - 500ml

    Dentyl Active Complete Care Icy Fresh Cherry.
  • Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Fresh Clove - 100ml

    Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Fresh Clove.
  • Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Smooth Mint - 100ml

    Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Smooth Mint.