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    • Drawing on over 20 years of experience in menstrual care, Diva International Inc
    • is committed to providing women with excellence:
    • Excellence in menstrual care: We are committed to offering women a sustainable, easy-to-use, cost-effective and eco-friendly feminine hygiene product to conventional options
    • Our innovative products of The DivaCup and DivaWash are empowering women while also changing the face of feminine hygiene around the world
    • Excellence in environment care: Our commitment to being “green divas” is evident in our products, lifestyles and educational resources
    • Every year, billions of disposable tampons and pads are thrown into our landfills and waterways
    • The DivaCup and DivaWash help to reduce the eco-footprint of feminine hygiene by providing reusable solutions to disposable tampons and pads
    • Excellence in production: Our products are Canadian designed, regulated and manufactured with top quality materials and an assurance of traceability
    • With women’s health as our number one priority, all our products are chemical-free, follow national standards in Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries, and they are not tested on animals
    • Excellence in sustainability: Our mission to offer women a new way to care for themselves extends far beyond period care
    • We invest our knowledge, time and resources in community and international organizations that offer healthcare, empowerment and education to women and children around the world
  • Divacup The Diva Cup Model 1 - Single

    DivaCup The Diva Cup. Diva Cup It is made of soft medical grade silicone, which is latex-free,...
  • Divacup The Diva Cup Model 2 - Single

    It goes where? I have to do what? Yes, you wear The DivaCup in “there”, in your vagina… but we...
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  • Divacup Diva Wash - 177ml

    While knee deep in research for The DivaWash, we discovered that women in the 1950s were...