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Dorian Yates

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Dorian Yates

    • Dorian has won 6 Mr Olympia's in a row
    • he set new standards in size as the the first Mr, OLYMPIA at 250 lbs to have a body condition with super low body fat and very high muscle density
    • He is the biggest of the professional bodybuilders and when beside him makes all other bodybuilders look small
    • His nickname is the 'Shadow'
    • Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates was born April 19, 1962 in England
    • Dorian was raised in Hurley, in rural Staffordshire
    • When he was a teenager, his family moved to Birmingham, Britain's second largest city
    • During these times, Dorian got himself into trouble, and was sentenced to six months at Whatton Youth Detention Centre
    • It was here that Dorian earned an instant reputation as the strongest and fittest of Whatton's 300 inmates
    • This gave him new respect for himself
    • Whatton was the wake up call for Dorian
    • If he did not do something, he would end up in and out of prison all of his life
    • Dorian resolved that he would not be back
    • Born in Hurley, Staffordshire, near Birmingham, England, Yates started working out in 1983
    • The man dubbed “The Shadow” (by FLEX Editor-in-Chief Peter McGough) shone a new light of awareness onto training methods with his brief but very high-intensity workouts
    • After some muscle victories in England – 1985 Novice Championships and 1988 British Championships – Yates visited New York for the 1990 Night of Champions and, in his pro debut, he took second to Mohamed Benaziza
    • The next year, he returned to win the contest
    • In 1991, Yates was the runner-up at the Olympia to Lee Haney, who duly won his eighth record-setting Sandow and the retired
    • From 1992 through 1997, Yates dominated the sport’s highest title
    • In 1994, he overcame a torn biceps to win the crown
    • In 1997, his most valiant victory came when he tore a triceps three weeks prior to the contest, but still battled on to triumph
    • Due to the injury, Yates was forced to retire, with a pro record of 15 wins and two second-place finishes
    • Yates may well be the bodybuilder that most aspiring trainees can best identify with because of his blue-collar roots, dogged determination and quiet confidence
    • His book, co-written by Peter McGough, is titled A Warrior’s Story – a perfect appellation for his competitive days for the Brit with no quit
    • Today, Yates still lives in Birmingham, where he is part owner of the supplement company Dorian Yates Ultimate Formulas, and he is still seen regularly at the main stateside contests
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