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Dru Health

    • At Dru we're passionate about positive health and wellbeing
    • With yoga and meditation at our core, we care deeply about nutrition, remedies and relieving the stresses of everyday living
    • We are an energetic and fresh-thinking organisation eager to inspire a naturally healthier way of living for everybody, from young to old, from all walks of life
    • We founded the organisation upon the ideal of giving back to the world in which we live and that continues to be an ideal that still burns brightly for us today
    • Dru Yoga is at the heart of what we do here at Dru
    • More then 30 years ago, a small group of idealistic university students sought to change the world
    • Since, we have grown internationally, and now run an organic food and natural remedy shop and organise yoga courses and retreats across the globe - from Canada to Australia
    • Our aim has always been to promote a positive, healthier and more peaceful existence for adults and children alike, giving back to the community by channelling resources into good causes
    • These good causes too have grown and, with the help of our volunteers, we now support a variety of community projects around the world
    • From sponsored medical clinics in India, to setting up fairtrade initiatives in Africa, we aim to help communities and individuals who are less fortunate than ourselves
    • The major passion we share is our love for yoga and meditation
    • It is through these media that we initially wanted to inspire the world and the community around us to find a healthier, happier, more empowered way of living
    • Of course we recognise these are only two of the many routes to achieving a more fulfilling existence
    • However they remain at the very core of what we do here at Dru
  • Dru Health Barley Grass - 100g

    100% Organic New Zealand Green Barley grass powder, - a 'living food'..
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  • Barley Grass organic Powder - Dru Health - 200g

    Barley Grass (200g) by Dru Health: It is an organic powder that is balancing and nourishing, a...
    out of stock until 14 November 2016
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