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Eastgate Pottery

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Eastgate Pottery

    • Once very much the poor relation of its grander stablemate at Hornsea, the products from Eastgate are now becoming sought after in their own right
    • Amoungst the cheaper mass production of souvenirs, there have been rarer pieces of high quality
    • As with Hornsea, the quantity of different items produced was vast
    • Whilst I have some comprehension of the size of the list, nobody knows for sure as these pieces were considered 2nd class when the Hornsea books were being compiled
    • Bringing some sort of order to the seemingly endless list of products has not been easy without books to refer to
    • Eventually, I split Eastgate into ten categories to bring things to order
    • With the power of a modern database to back me up, changes can be made to listings with ease, and I am open to any suggestions for modification and improvement
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    • This is an image-intensive site by its very nature and after all, it's the pictures you want to see
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    • Most notably, the Range tables as these will break the lists into smaller chunks
    • (The loaded ranges so far are close to 300 and need careful planning and coding to be both useful and manageable)
  • Pre c1960 puppy lying at the fireplace E936

    Charming Eastgate pottery vase in the form of a stone fireplace with puppy lying to the...
  • Pre c1960 puppy lying at tree spill vase gloss finish E900

    Gloss finish. Pretty Eastgate pottery tree spill vase with puppy lying to the foot. Previously...