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    • Planet Earth’s eco2life products are inspired by an Australian idea that first came to prominence over 15 years ago, to create an environmentally sustainable cleaning system using ingredients derived from corn, sugar cane, coconut, vegetables and citric acids
    • Now we’ve brought that same ethical way of thinking to the UK and to the rest of Europe with our range of eco-friendly cleaning products, and with a philosophy that remains true to the original vision… First, eco2life products must deliver outstanding cleaning performance
    • Second, products must appeal to people with an eco-conscience by being naturally derived and as ‘green’ as we can possibly make them
    • Third, wherever possible, everything we use in these products – and getting them to you – must be made from renewable resources, readily biodegradable, and meet the most stringent environmental standards
    • Last but not least, everything about the way we do business should aim to minimise our – and your – carbon footprint, including production here in the UK
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    Refill and Reuse. Eco2Life Floor Cleaner - Starter Pack 500ml. Reduced carbon footprint. Naturally...
  • Eco2Life Bath & Shower Refill - 50ml

    Bathrooms always need special care and attention to keep tiles, washbasins, baths, taps and bidets...
  • Eco2Life Floor refill - 50ml

    Planet Earth eco2life offers a range of four household cleaning products with a unique refill and...