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Elegant Touch

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Elegant Touch

    Elegant Touch is the UK's leading nail care brand. It has been at the forefront of beauty, style and glamour for more than 30 years offering the hottest ground-breaking products to the beauty and fashion conscious consumer.

    Elegant Touch products include press on nails, nail wraps, toe nails, hand and foot care, adhesives and removers, implements and nail art kits.
  • Elegant Touch 5 Second Protective Nail Glue Pink - 3ml

    Instant adhesion for all artificial nails and nail tips. Elegant Touch 5 Second Protective Nail...
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  • Elegant Touch Quick Shine Cushioned Buffer

    Traditional quick shine buffer - three surfaces to smooth and gloss the nails.. Elegant Touch...
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  • Elegant Touch Natural French Nails 102 Pink - Medium

    Elegant and beautiful press-on nails with a slim white tip, ideal for naturally petite nails. The...
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