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    • The makers of Emergen-C believe in giving back
    • Whether it's a packet full of vitamins that helps you stay healthy* or a donation that helps a charity, we believe in sharing the good
    • That's why we started the Emergen-C Fund
    • How does it work? Well, a portion of every box sold of our philanthropic flavors gets donated
    • To date we've donated over $800,000, and with your help we will soon exceed the one million dollar mark! We recognize that you are doing a lot to support your health and community too
  • Energy Release & Immunity Support Lemon Sachets - Pack Of 8

    Add this tangy variety of Emergen-C to your water and enjoy a mouth-watering splash of citrus and...
  • Energy Release & Immunity Support Orange Sachets - Pack Of 8

    We wanted to call it "Super Duper Extra Terrific Out of This World Mind-Blowingly Amazing Orange,"...
  • Energy Release &Immunity Support Strawberry Sachet - Pack Of 8

    Oh boy, have we got something juicy for you! It's a delicious, sweet strawberry-flavoured variety...