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Equinox Kombucha

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Equinox Kombucha

    • The mystical elixir has been used and honoured for more than 2000 years in the Eastern world
    • Throughout the centuries Kombucha Tea has been named; “Immortality Tea”, “Miracle Tea” & “Elixir of Long Life”, suggestive of its curative & energising nature
    • Believed to have originated in East Asia, & subsequently traveling to Russia via the silk route, Kombucha is an ancient fermented drink made from sweetened tea
    • Kombucha’s yeasts & bacteria coexist in a symbiotic colony, producing a naturally carbonated brew which combines sweet & sour in one refreshing mouthful
    • Our ancestors understood the value of ingesting fermented food & drinks on a daily basis, allowing the fermentation process to unlock nutrients & deliver food in a more bio-available form
    • Today, as people are seeking healthier lifestyles, the fermented beverage has gained worldwide popularity, particularly across America, where it is widely enjoyed
    • You will discover, after the very first sip, why the Samurai Warriors believed Kombucha Tea to be a source of Chi, a revitalizing life force
    • The story behind Equinox Kombucha is a creative blend of singular events and unexpected circumstances mixed with a very strong will of spreading love and a vivid passion for the amazing Kombucha spirit
    • And this is the least we could say
    • The founders discovered the Kombucha wonder whilst traveling in South East Asia and instantly felt the benefits of its use
    • Enjoying a bottle of the Kombucha beverage every day before a new adventure, it is only once back in the Western world that they realized how much goodness they left behind
    • The couple then started brewing the beverage for themselves whilst planning their next move towards the dream of putting on a humanitarian project in South America
    • The new parents started a micro brewery in a small flat in Hebden Bridge, handing the brews out to friends and neighbors, but soon needed more space to supply enough elixir to the growing crowd of Kombucha lovers
    • With the help and support of beloved friends and family, Equinox Kombucha was born
    • “What we’ve always wanted is to put together a humanitarian project and raise the awareness to sustainable living - Life decided we would take the Kombucha route to get there!”
    • Equinox Kombucha is a family business based in the valleys of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
    • We are absolutely passionate about the little wonder that is Kombucha, and truly believe in its infinite potential to improve people’s well-being
    • To give people one more possibility to maintain their health, we are bringing Kombucha Tea into mainstream awareness
    • Cafes and restaurants, health food shops, skate parks, gyms and pubs: all are a perfect place to enjoy a bottle of The Living Tea
    • Because we care about our planet and its people, we always choose ethically sourced ingredients, Fair Trade wherever possible, and always certified Organic
    • We brew our Kombucha Tea with the finest Organic Fairtrade Chun Me green tea, a Chinese leaf very popular in its country of origin for its strong and tangy taste
    • Along with Organic raw cane sugar (also Rainforest Alliance certified and EcoSocial certified) and a selection of good quality Organic herbal teas as well as Organic pure pressed Ginger juice
    • A percentage of the profits of Equinox Kombucha will go into the development of humanitarian projects
    • We hope to do this in the form of the Equinox Foundation for humanitarian and wild life projects and the conservation of rainforests
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