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Ernest Soulard

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Ernest Soulard

    • In the village of L'Oie, in the heart of the Vendée, in 1936, a young apprentice poultry keeper called Ernest SOULARD decided to start his own company
    • The first few years were difficult, as he had to be present at all local markets to purchase poultry
    • His establishment flourished and Ernest made many good decisions
    • The company took the name Ernest SOULARD and specialised in supplying Barbary ducks
    • The business grew in size, and a purpose built accredited abattoir was constructed
    • The family business continued to grow
    • To keep ahead of the competition, the directors decided of controlling all aspects of production
    • The duck farmers became partners in the company
    • In addition to the preparation of entire ducks, the preparation of various duck portions were developed as a new activity
    • The company acquired a hatchery, to ensure the quality of its egg production
    • A feed mill was constructed to prepare 100% vegetable feed for SOULARD ducks
    • The company created several duck farms specialising in the rearing of Mulard Ducks « fattened ducks » Ernest SOULARD invested in an unit for the preparation of "foie gras in St Paul en Pareds, in the Vendée and acquired the company « Tradition et Gourmandises » located in la Queue en Brie, in Paris, which specialises in the preparation of semi-preserved foie gras
    • Ernest SOULARD's main target remains the professional, whether he is of the catering, the industry or a wholesaler
    • However seen the prosperous demand of our products by the consumers, the company wanted to develop the distribution to the private individuals
    • Ernest SOULARD open it own shop in its village of origin "l'Oie"
    • A shop in which we find a selection of our products
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