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    • Éternelle understand that beauty care is essential to be and look good part, we want every woman has projected beauty, inside and out, we want every woman to feel confident
    • The range of products we have developed, use the latest technology Dermo-Cosmetics, and are targeted specifically to each area of ??the body, from the eyes to the feet
    • Who has time to go to a spa? Who has time to see a specialist to fight each blemishes? Who can invest much money in the care of the physical appearance? Therefore we apply our technology because we know that women today can not waste time, money or effort
    • So our products are designed for use in the comfort of home, using the shortest possible time
    • Quality and safety are important words when it comes to cosmetics, creams and serums from our even the most innovative equipment Éternelle entire line is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, and most of all; with the confidence that thousands of customers have given us over the years around the world
    • Éternelle Pharma is the quintessential brand, a leader in cosmetology
    • We are dedicated to caring for your health and beauty through our innovative equipment and products
    • We know that taking care of your whole body is vital to project your beauty, so we have special lines for the face, body and tech gadgets
  • Eternelle Glass Foot File - 16.5cm

    Éternelle Premium Glass Foot File is recommended for any kind of skin. Eternelle Glass Foot File....
  • Eternelle Glass Nail File - 13.5cm

    Éternelle Premium Glass Nail File is recommended for both natural and artificial nails. It is an...
  • Eternelle Glass Nail File - 19.5cm

    Éternelle Premium Glass Nail File is recommended for both natural and artificial nails. Eternelle...
  • Eternelle Slant Tweezer Japanese Steel - 9.5cm

    Éternelle Tweezers are one of the best tweezers available in the market that are ideal for...