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Ever Ready

    • EVEREADY got its start in the early 1900’s when the American Eveready Company, developer of the flashlight, joined forces with the National Carbon Company, developer of the first D-sized dry cell battery
    • In 1907, Eveready announced a new battery - the AA size - and introduced several styles of compact vest lights that used this new battery
    • The innovation continued throughout the years with the development of the AAA battery in 1911, the first 9-volt battery in 1956 and the first alkaline battery in 1957
    • Since then, families have used EVEREADY batteries to power their toys, clocks and other everyday devices
    • The EVEREADY name continues to stand for trust and reliability
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    Ever Ready corn plane replacement blades..
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    Ever Ready Double Sided Foot Callus Rasp.
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    Ever Ready hard skin remover. Ideal for all skin areas such as feet, elbows and hands. Leaves skin...