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    • Fungal nail infection (also known as onychomycosis) is an infection of the fingernails or toenails by fungi, also known as dermatophytes
    • The infection usually starts along the outside rim of the nail, which turns whitish-yellow, brown or green
    • The mycosis spreads into or underneath the nail plate, causing it to thicken
    • The nail becomes brittle and may separate partially or completely from the nail bed, which can be very painful
    • In some cases the infection results in permanent loss of the nail
    • Dermatophytes (fungi) are usually found in warm, humid places such as bathrooms, changing rooms and communal showers in health clubs, gymnasia, swimming pools, Turkish baths, etc
    • These are the areas in which fungal infections most frequently occur
    • Athlete’s foot, another type of fungal infection that infects the skin between the toes, is very contagious and may also cause one or more nails to become infected
    • Nail fungus not only looks unhygienic but it can be contagious, spreading from one nail to another, but also from one person to the other
    • Therefore it is crucial to treat nail fungus as soon as symptoms are apparent and the pathology has been diagnosed
    • Nail fungus does not disappear by itself! Left untreated it will increasingly get worse
    • In the worst case the infection can result in the complete loss of the nail
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