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Fisherman's Friend

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Fisherman's Friend

    • Fleetwood pharmacist James Lofthouse develops a menthol and eucalyptus liquid for fishermen in Fleetwood to take with them on stormy and freezing trips into the North Atlantic
    • It delivers instant relief from problems caused by the prolonged exposure to hostile conditions
    • Due to the difficulty of taking the liquid in glass bottles onto choppy high seas, James makes a lozenge from the liquid that the fishermen can take instead
    • Sales are pretty much stable for a century until
    • In response to letters from holidaymakers who have visited Blackpool and Fleetwood, the Lofthouse family recognised the huge potential of Fisherman’s Friend, and start selling to shops in surrounding towns in the North West from their van
    • As demand increases, packaging of Fisherman’s Friend is moved to a newly converted tram house in Fleetwood
    • The new packaging in black and red reflects the historic typewritten labels of the brand (so produced due to having both colours on the typewriter, and not wanting to waste the red ribbon)
    • Fisherman’s Friends are exported for the first time, to Belgium and Norway
    • The first new flavour is launched: Aniseed
    • The size and shape of the new lozenge is based on the design of the buttons on one of the dresses Doreen Lofthouse wears to the office
    • Fisherman’s Friend becomes the first confectionery company to produce a sugar free mint
    • Fisherman’s Friend is awarded The Queen’s Award for Exports
    • Over the next few years, they go on to win another two Awards, making Fisherman’s Friend the only UK confectionery company to win three times!
    • By 2000 the Fisherman’s Friend factory in Fleetwood has expanded to 600,000 sq ft - In 1980 it was 34,700 sq ft
    • Fisherman’s Friend remains a family business, producing over 5 billion lozenges a year
    • Its export-focused strategy sees the brand expanding rapidly in China
  • Fisherman's Friend Mint Sugar Free Lozenges - 25g

    With demand for sugar free products on the rise, 1991 was the year our Sugar Free Mint Flavour...
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    3 Reviews
  • Fisherman's Friend Sugar Free Lozenges - 25g

    1980 was the year our Original Menthol & Eucalyptus Flavour Lozenges went sugar free.
    2 Reviews
  • Fisherman's Friend Original Extra Strong Lozenges - 25g

    Our original flavour dates from 1865. Produced exactly according to the original recipe,...
    2 Reviews
  • Fisherman's Friend Original Extra Strong Lozenges - 45g

    Our original flavour dates from 1865. Produced exactly according to the original recipe,...
  • Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant Sugar Free Lozenges - 25g

    Blackcurrant and Menthol Flavour Lozenges are sugar free and thus made with sweeteners. Introduced...
    out of stock until 22 December 2016