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    • Flahavan’s has been milling oats at the family mill in Kilmacthomas, Co
    • Waterford for over 200 years There has been an oats mill at Kilmacthomas since the late 1700's
    • The power for the mill came from the nearby River Mahon which at one time also powered four other mills
    • In those days, the mill was used for the contract milling of oats for local farm growers and oat growers
    • This is where the farmer’s oats were then milled and the milled oatmeal was returned to him
    • He was charged for this service
    • At this time, the oatmeal was a heavier type than the Flahavan's "flaked" oatmeal we know today
    • In 1935 it was decided to expand the mill and to put in an oatflaking facility
    • Oatflaking produced a finer flake, which is faster to cook
    • By 1959, Flahavan’s completed the construction of its current mill building
    • The first family connection to the Flahavan’s name can be traced back to about 1785 when Thomas Dunn took over the mill
    • Dunn was the great-great-great-grandfather of John Flahavan who is the Managing Director of the company today
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