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    • Flexitol is a range of effective and innovative foot and skincare products
    • Flexitol, now available in over forty countries worldwide, is one of the brands developed by LaCorium Health, in Australia
    • Established in 1990, LaCorium Health is well known for its pioneering approach to skincare formulations and manufacturing, continually researching new product ingredients and formulation blends to add to the already solid Flexitol product portfolio
    • The success of the Flexitol brand is underpinned by quality
    • Our advanced formulations are balanced blends of only the highest quality ingredients; manufactured in state of the art facilities
    • Only after extensive research and testing, are products developed and delivered to an increasing number of loyal and satisfied customers
    • Suitable for all types of dry skin, consumers and healthcare professionals alike continue to use, trust and recommend Flexitol
  • Flexitol Heel Balm - 112g

    For rough, dry and cracked feet can be used as a treatment and preventative therapy..
  • Flexitol Foot Cream Moisturising - 85g

    It’s gentle, quick-absorbing formula is suitable for use by those prone to patches of dry skin,...
  • Flexitol Hand Balm - 56g

    Flexitol hand balm for very dry skin, with 10% urea is specifically formulated to soothe dry...
  • Flexitol Cuticle & Nail Cream - 20g

    Flexitol cuticle and nail cream makes it easy to condition cuticles and smooth away dry ragged...
    out of stock until 17 November 2016
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