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Global Harvest

    • Thanks for dropping in, if you love food, why not stay a while
    • We love it so much we’re married to it, and like all chefs, what we live for is the excitement of creating something new, that just might send customers taste buds into a mad frenzy of enjoyment
    • That was the obsessive foodie in me, now here’s the responsible company owner bit
    • We’ve always listened to what chefs wanted and paid close attention to the English, European and Global food habits
    • We found the trends and demands so exciting, we just had to play a bigger part in it
    • Hence the birth of Global Harvest
    • We’ve been working with our local chefs as well as some of the biggest names in Michelin food around the UK, which lead to the development of our British Made Quintessentially Quince Jelly
    • Then came the amazing Figilicious Fig Jelly (2 Gold Stars at the 2011 Great Taste Awards) & Damn Good Damson Plum (2 Gold Stars at the 2012 Great Taste Awards) and in early Autumn 2013 we launched the truly delightful Perfectly Pear Jelly (2 Gold Stars at the 2013 Great Taste Awards)
    • All of our products have been specifically designed for the "chef" in the kitchen
    • In 2014 we saw the launch of two NEW flavours; Caramelised Apple & Mulled Spiced Apple
    • Although we’re a small business, we have plans to launch 25 flavours, some of which have never been seen before
    • We will introduce the new products in a controlled manner, so that we don’t saturate the market place & dilute the continued excitement of new & dare I say it "innovative foods"
  • Fennel Pollen, Wild, 28g

    It is picked and harvested in July. The pollen is collected by hand from wild fennel flowers in a...
  • Fig Jelly, 500g

    Bursting with an incredible deep fig flavour, this jelly is fantastic on cheese boards and has...