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Goodness Gracious Foods

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Goodness Gracious Foods

    • Goodness Gracious Foods serves up an innovative line of organic baby food purees in Switzerland, Europe and all over the world, using recipes that began life in the kitchen of founder Katherine Gubbins
    • Tested thoroughly by her wee ones (and we all know how discerning young palettes can be!), each recipe tastes great and adds essential daily nutrients to the diets of both children and grownups alike
    • All our recipes are based on the 5,000-year-old Indian health system of Ayurveda
    • That means only 100% organic and the introduction of new grains, flavours and spices that can benefit you and youngsters of all ages, including babies and toddlers
    • We are all loving parents who want to do the best for our families, and starting our youngest off with the right wholesome baby food diet is so important for their wellbeing
    • That is why we created our line of baby food recipes, which has since evolved to include older children and adults
    • We believe in providing great nutrition for all the family
    • We also want to work with you, because it’s not just our way but your way too
    • We can’t have it all, but we can achieve so much more by working together
    • We can bring tasty, healthy, nutritionally balanced food to everyone, so none of us has to feel guilty about the time we don’t spend in the kitchen, but the added value of the time we do spend with our little ones
  • Apple Apricot & Cinnamon Puree - Pack of 8 x 140g

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  • Carrot Broccoli Pea & Quinoa Puree - Pack of 8 x 140g

    Carrot Broccoli Pea & Quinoa Puree. This savoury power-packed puree of essential vegetables and...
  • Chicken Sweet Potato Spinach & Mint Puree - Pack of 8 x 140g

    Chicken Sweet Potato Spinach & Mint Puree. Truly an entire balanced meal in one pouch! .....
  • Goodness Gracious Foods Banana Plum & Quinoa Puree - Pack of 8 x 140g

    Goodness Gracious Foods Banana Plum & Quinoa Puree. If our purees weren’t already packed full of...
  • Mango Coconut Milk & Brown Rice Puree - 8 x 140g

    This balanced, power-packed puree of essential nutrients, bursting with vitamins and minerals...
  • Goodness Gracious Foods Apple Puree - Pack of 8 x 100g

    Goodness Gracious Foods Apple Puree. One of our simplest yet tastiest recipes, this 100g pouch is...
  • Goodness Gracious Foods Pear Puree - Pack of 8 x 100g

    Goodness Gracious Foods Pear Puree. Pear is an amazing fruit bursting with flavour, which is why...