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    • Hartridges was founded in 1882 by Francis Hartridge and continues to flourish today under the ownership of the fourth generation of the Hartridge family
    • Born in 1847, Francis Hartridge was pivotal in the formation of the soft drinks company that exists today
    • Whilst working for his father at the family brewery in Kent, he trained as a brewer and ran the business until 1868
    • At the age of 35, he then purchased the Alliance Brewery, an independent brewery in Hambledon, Hampshire and Hartridges Soft Drinks Company was born
    • By the early 20th century Hartridges were selling their ales and soft drinks to a wide geographical area and a fleet of dray horses were employed
    • In 1936 under the control of Francis' sons, Edward and Austin, Hartridges expanded its successful business and a fleet of lorries supplied the growing demand
    • Hartridges continued to expand whilst other breweries throughout the region were closing
    • The business continued to thrive until a fateful night in 1940 during the Second World War when it was bombed
    • Most of the factory was destroyed in the explosion along with all the brewing equipment but the soft drinks plant was miraculously spared
    • Edward's son Geoffrey Hartridge took over the business in 1952 and managed the company through the difficult post war years
    • Although the products have evolved since the days of Francis Hartridge, the company still upholds its strong beliefs in customer commitment, innovation and pride in the products that carry the family name
    • Today, the company continues under the present ownership and direction of Martin and Christopher Hartridge, who take a huge amount of pride in their achievements and that of their ancestors
    • This pride, together with the family values that they share, have now been passed down to their children to guaranteethe continued success for the company for the fifth generation of Hartridge
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