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Health Creation

    • The goal of Health Creation is to help individuals and organisations achieve optimum health through the use of integrated healthcare products and services
    • Health Creation founder, Dr Rosy Daniel has designed, authored and produced our books, CDs, health programmes and Mentor service on the basis of 20 years experience using the holistic approach in integrated health care
    • Holistic means promoting the health of mind, spirit and environment as well as the body
    • It means understanding how lifestyle, mental attitude and overall support affects physical health and becoming actively engaged in creating your own happiness and health
    • Rosy is dynamic in her approach to integrated medicine (combining conventional medicine with alternative, self-help and complementary medicine) and is now internationally renowned as an Integrated Medical Consultant
    • She believes that everyone should get pro-active and take the opportunity to prevent illness
    • She believes that it is the holistic approach to healthcare that leads to a happier, healthier and longer life
    • Our mission is to develop and provide the highest quality holistic health care products and services which can be used at home or at work in order to make the holistic approach to health accessible and affordable for all
    • We also provide very human guidance, encouragement and support from our warm and capable Health Creation Mentors to help you to get the best outcomes from our programmes
    • Our products and services are based on twelve fundamental Health Creation Principles and a series of self-assessment tools for use by individuals, groups and organisations that enable them to become fully aware of their current health status and risks, and informed, empowered and supported to become fully involved in working towards the creation of optimum health
    • Our vision is to be a major force for good, working towards the creation of optimum health for all within our society
    • We aim, over time, to help change the focus in society from health care to health creation, through the widespread application of the holistic approach to health
    • This will involve us changing from a passive to an active relationship with our health, developing – through self-help, complementary therapy, psycho-spiritual support, environmental responsibility and the adoption of healthy lifestyles, optimum levels of health, fulfillment and well-being
    • Our organisation has high standards, and we expect our service to reflect these
    • We have a Helpline available for anyone with questions about any of our products or services
    • We also welcome your views and opinions about our products and services – this helps us to know what you need – and this is the vital feedback we need develop new products and services to suit your needs exactly
  • Health Creation Be Bright: B Complex & Vitamin C - 60 Tablets

    B Complex High Potency Vitamins play an important role in mood, cardiovascular health, cancer...
  • Health Creation Max-Immune: 1-3, 1-6 Beta Glucan - 30 Vegicaps

    Health Creation Max-Immune Beta 1-3, 1-6 Glucan is a scientifically-proven biological defence...
  • Health Creation Krill Oil - 30 Capsules

    Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) is a small shrimp-like crustacean that exists in large swarms....
  • Health Creation Lifeline Formula - 300 Tablets

    This is the nucleus of the range - a powerful, complete and comprehensive antioxidant multivitamin...
  • Health Creation Lifeline Formula Powder - 180g

    This is the nucleus of the range. A powerful, complete and comprehensive antioxidant multivitamin...
  • Health Creation Plant Power: Phyto-Antioxidant - 60 Vegicaps

    This is a powerful phytonutrient formula containing high potency plant nutrients with exceptional...
  • Health Creation Digest Plus: Enzyme Complex - 60 Vegicaps

    Health Creation Digest Plus: Enzyme Complex. Good digestion forms the basis of a successful...
    out of stock until 25 December 2016
  • Timeless: Multi-Nutrient Antioxidant Formula - 60 Vegicaps

    This revolutionary product uses nutrients designed to support cellular health, energy production...
    out of stock until 25 December 2016