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House Of Swan

    • In the very beginning (or in 1883) ‘Swan wax matches’ were first produced, and later superseded by ‘Swan White Pine Vestas’ which were intended to appeal to smokers in particular since they burn better in open air
    • In 1906 the matches were finally christened ‘Swan Vestas’, and by the 1930s they’d become Britain’s best selling match
    • Up until the mid 80s, Swan used the tagline “The Smoker’s Match” which was later replaced by “The Original” which is still on today’s packaging
    • By WW2, Swan as a brand had become so popular that the manufacturers at the time
    • Bryant & May, were able to buy a company Spitfire for the RAF
    • It was named, of course, ‘The Swan’
    • Not only do Swan float atop Britain’s filter tip popularity contest, the last few years have seen the launch of the new and improved Swan Green papers made with natural Arabic gum
    • Combined with blended natural hemp and flax fibres, they are easier to roll, slower to burn and a much smoother smoke
    • No other rolling paper manufacturer produces them this way (we’re just thinking of you)
    • 2008 saw Swan celebrate its 125th anniversary and so to celebrate, the Golden Match promotion offered a £1,000 prize to 125 lucky winners who spotted a match with a golden head in their box of Vestas
    • During 2010-2012, Swan made the (very wise) decision to sponsor a British Superbike team, Swan Yamaha
    • Hands were shook, hopes were high, and at 2011’s prestigious British Superbike Championships, racer Tommy Hill revved his way to the finish line in none other than first place

  • SWAN GREEN PAPER 100 Standard - 100

    SWAN GREEN PAPER 100s Swan Green Standard.
  • Swan MENTHOL Extraslim pre-cut Filters 20 Menthol - 20

    Swan MENTHOL Extraslim pre-cut Filters 20s Menthol.