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Imperial Leather

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Imperial Leather

    • We owe much to the skill and expertise of master perfumers
    • Our story began in the 1700s when Count Orlof, a member of the wealthy Russian aristocracy, asked a London perfume house to create a fragrance that captured the distinctive aroma and atmosphere of the Russian Court
    • The perfume house crafted a distinctive fragrance, by blending a symphony of ingredients, including Turkish Rose, Lavender, Cumin and Precious Amber
    • The fragrance was called 'Eau de Cologne Imperiale Russe'
    • After the scent came into the ownership of Cussons, it was chosen as the signature fragrance for the launch of a new soap brand called Imperial Leather
    • That the fragrance continues to be used to this day, more than 240 years after it was created, is a testament to the skill of the perfumers who originally developed it
    • OUR EXPERTISE - Over the decades, we have continued to develop new fragrances with our team of perfumers, to ensure that all of our products are always at their fragrant best
    • A little known fact about Imperial Leather, is that out of the 10 acknowledged perfumers in the country, 2 of them are employed by us - helping to ensure that everybody can enjoy the exquisite fragrances, found in our shower, bath, handwash and bar soap products, every day
  • Cussons Imperial Leather Talc - 300g

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  • Imperial Leather Day At The Spa Body Wash - 250ml

    Be transported to an exotic location with an aroma of sensual flowers and extracts of shea butter...
  • Imperial Leather Funfair Nostalgia Body Wash - 250ml

    Celebrate the fun of the fair with the lively scents of pink peony and raspberry. Reminisce with...
  • Invigorating For Men Hair & Body Wash - 250ml

    Invigorate with the uplifting scents of sea minerals and ginseng designed to recharge the body and...
  • Imperial Leather Bath Calming Cream - 500ml

    Step into a calming bath full of bubbles and enjoy the serene scents of pink peony and cherry...
  • Imperial Leather Bath Comforting Cream - 500ml

    Step into a comforting bath full of bubbles and enjoy the delicate scent of cotton flower,...
  • Imperial Leather Comforting Marshmallow - 250ml

    Imperial Leather Comforting Marshmallow. Pamper your skin with our delicious Comforting...
  • Imperial Leather Rose Garden Hand Wash - 300ml

    Refresh your hands with the distinctive yet delicate fragrance of classic English rose. Formulated...