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Iq Chocolate

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Iq Chocolate

    • Back in 2011, Kate and Jane, our chocolate alchemists were dreamily fantasising about their ideal snack – a guilt-free, TASTY healthy chocolate bar
    • A chocolate that instead of guzzling in secret and stashing the wrapper, one would proudly show and share
    • Never shy of a challenge, they were soon deeply engrossed in developing a truly unique Bean-To-Bar SuperFood chocolate; scouring the most remote corners of the planet to find the healthiest and tastiest raw ingredients, finally discovering in the fertile lands of Peru the rare and intoxicating PURE Criollo bean
    • Many long days and nights followed perfecting the recipe
    • The bean was incredible – but it needed sweetened without impurities, with an infusion of nature, so they added coconut blossom nectar
    • Then they played around with some natural, organic and frankly intoxicating flavours
    • 6 months later – eureka! They had cracked it- a sensationally delicious chocolate range, handmade from Bean-To-Bar retaining the raw SuperFood nutrients and antioxidants, containing less than 199 calories, with a taste, texture and snap that would delight chocolate-boffins and the health-conscious alike
    • Brilliant! The bar achieved organic certification and was introduced at a variety of health-food and artisan eateries
    • It was a winner! iQ chocolate started to be talked about and craved
    • It even won some industry awards before its official launch
    • Following on from the success of the Original iQ bar, the chocolate alchemy started on developing other equally healthy and delicious flavours as well as a chocolate just for chefs which was featured on BBC’s Great British Menu and was proudly served to dignitaries at the 2012 Olympics
    • The super-smart scientific team at the Rowett Institute have been busy bees helping us with the validation of our healthy benefits – a major success – making iQ a food, not a candy - Guilt-free
    • August 2014 saw us launch our new BeautiQ and YogiQ bars, each with a special boost of goodness designed to make you feel good
    • Check them out, we hope you’ll love them
  • Iq Chocolate Bar Gift Set - Pack of 6 x 35g

    iQ is a delicious, health-promoting, raw bean-to-bar Superfood chocolate made from the rare and...
  • Iq Chocolate Cocoa-Nib Crunch - Pack of 24 x 35g

    iQ Chocolate Cocoa-Nib. Our organic dark chocolate with some crunchy cocoa-nib...
  • Iq Chocolate Espresso-Kick Coffee - Pack of 24 x 35g

    iQ Chocolate Espresso-Kick Coffee. Better than you morning coffee shot-dark, delicious and...
  • Iq Chocolate Lusciously Lovely Lime - Pack of 24 x 35g

    iQ Chocolate Lusciously Lovely Lime. Infused with an irresistible citrus tang-gorgeous.
  • Iq Chocolate Orange With Wild Raspberry - Pack of 24 x 35g

    iQ Chocolate Orange With Wild Raspberry. A burst of mother- in an irresistibly fruit infused...
  • Iq Chocolate Original Bean-To-Bar - Pack of 24 x 35g

    iQ Chocolate Original Bean-To-Bar. Our adored,original dark and delicious chocolate, pure organic...
  • Iq Chocolate Plush Peppermint - Pack of 24 x 35g

    iQ Chocolate Plush Peppermint. Fresh, ethical, herby and amazing.
  • BeautyQ Seabuckthorn Superfood Chocolate - 24 x 35g

    BeautyQ Seabuckthorn Superfood Chocolate..
  • iQ Choc BeautiQ - 35g

    BeautiQ is designed to nurture skin, hair, eyes and teeth from the inside out. iQ Choc BeautiQ....
  • Iq Chocolate YogiQ - 35g

    YogiQ is the perfect food for Yogis. iQ Choc YogiQ. YogiQ is part of the range of iQ delicious,...
  • Iq Chocolate Organic Milk Chocolate - 35g

    MilQ is an all natural, organic, healthy milk chocolate. iQ Chocolate Organic Milk Chocolate. Made...
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