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Jan De Vries

    • I have often wondered what would have happened to me if, in late 1943, an RAF bomber that had been shot in the tail by the Germans had not landed in the river just behind our house
    • Would I have ever been in Scotland?
    • I was very young when six bodies were dredged out of that river and buried in the little cemetery near Kampen
    • I faithfully looked after these graves as I was asked to do and in 1957 the family of the RAF Bombers’ navigator asked me to Scotland, where I met Joyce, who later became my wife, at dinner
    • That was only the beginning
    • In July 1960 Joyce and I married, went into pharmacy together and shortly after I met Dr Alfred Vogel in a lecture in Amsterdam
    • He converted me from the orthodox field of medicine into a totally new way of thinking for me, alternative medicine, which was ‘original’ medicine
    • In the beginning of 1961 we opened our very first clinic for nature cure in Holland
    • And so our longstanding relationship with Dr Vogel and Bioforce started
    • In the beginning of 1970, when a big family mansion was left to us, and Vogel came over from Switzerland, he moved my life again by helping me to start a residential clinic, Mokoia, in Crosbie Road, Troon
    • It was a very big success and it soon became too small for the number of people who came
    • After a few years we had to make a decision, either we moved it into a different building or we would sell it
    • I did a lot of studies in alternative medicine in the years before and decided to open a multi-disciplinary day clinic
    • When we were still residential and we needed a lot of health foods I bought the local health food store in Troon simply to get the addresses and the foods that we needed for our clinic
    • In 1974 we decided on a day clinic and to extend the health food stores
    • From the little health food store in Templehill, Troon where we paid one pound rent and one pound rates with a small turnover of no more than fifty pounds per week, it kept growing until we had ten stores and ten clinics all over the country
    • Today, when I look back and I see the need for more healthy living and I see luckily that people take more responsibility for their own health, there is a growth all over that people have to make their own choice and their own decisions about how to look after themselves
    • Since 1955, even back in our own pharmacies in Holland, a lot of natural remedies and homoeopathy has been introduced
    • Since 1955, when I was still young, I was brought up to give the best to people, especially to look after those who had health problems
    • That has always been No 1 - Give your best, try where others have failed and strive to go the extra mile
    • With a lot of mutual effort today, we can look back on our clinics and our health food stores where everybody is trained to do their very best, where I have given hundreds of lectures, not only in this country but all over the world, I have written over 45 books on health subjects, we are sure together to give our very best to patients and clients
    • Therefore we can truly say ‘Naturally the very best since 1955’
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