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Jealous Sweets

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Jealous Sweets

    • We at Jealous HQ believe that everyone needs to escape to a colourful world of adult irresistibility, because life can be just a bit too boring and bland
    • Devour our SWEET SEDUCTIONS - a range of mouth wateringly moreish treats to tantalise your tastebuds
    • Others will be envious, even jealous, of those who have experienced the irresistible
    • SLIGHTLY JEALOUS - give our Sweet Seductions to someone and they’ll be appreciated far more than boring toiletries, chocolate or flowers
    • Be prepared to be slightly jealous when they won’t share their gift with you
    • JEALOUS BY NATURE - all our Sweet Seductions are 100% vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, full of natural fruit juices and free from artificial colours and flavours
    • We put our magpie on our packs because they steal shiny objects for display in an attempt to attract a mate
    • The bird displaying the most objects of highest quality will get the best mate
    • You can short cut the process and give your loved ones our SWEET SEDUCTIONS - they’re so irresistible (and stealworthy)
  • Jealous Sweets Fizzy Friends Natural Sweets - 50g

    Good friends are easy to spot – they’re the ones with the fizz. Jealous Sweets Fizzy Friends...
  • Jealous Sweets Grizzly Bears Natural Sweets - 50g

    With a bit more bite than their yummy cousins, our grizzlies are great when you want to rip...
  • Jealous Sweets Sour Beans Natural Sweets - 50g

    Squintingly sour beans to awaken all the senses. Jealous Sweets Sour Beans Natural Sweets. Super...
  • Jealous Sweets Tangy Worms Natural Sweets - 50g

    Restore your zest for life with these super sharp worms. Great when you need to get a wriggle on.....