• Jiffy’s founders, the Baldwin family, started business as manufacturers of wood wool in Birmingham in 1896 before expanding to Manchester in 1926
    • Jiffy Packaging Company Ltd was established in 1964 to manufacture the Jiffy Padded Bag® from a base in Winsford, Cheshire
    • During the subsequent years the product range was added to substantially, starting with Jiffy Rugated Products, a range of embossed laminated paper protective packaging materials, in 1968
    • In 1975, J & W Baldwin (Holdings) Company Ltd phased out wood wool and concentrated on distributing packaging materials produced by Jiffy
    • This was followed by Jiffy introducing the first non-cross linked closed cell low density polyethylene foam sheet production and higher density plank sheets
    • The bubble lined bag, Mailmiser®, was also added at this stage
    • The investment continued with the installation of bubble film extruders during the 1990s
    • At the UK Head Office in Winsford, Jiffy manufactures bubble film, bubble lined mailers, Padded Bags, sheet foam, technical foams, and offers a range of converted bubble and foam products